Wash Rinse Repeat

On the back of almost every bottle of shampoo are the instructions wash, rinse and repeat. This is how we are taught to wash our hair from a young age. I doubt any of us has ever asked ourselves if there was another way or why? I certainly haven't. I wasn't raised in a home that had a ton of hair knowledge. I didn't know how to properly care for my hair type until I went to cosmetology school. This wasn't my families fault, they weren't educated on the subject either. I believe the responsibility to educate people on proper hair care lies with the hairstylist themselves. We are not here just to make you look and feel good for the day. I want you to look and feel good everyday. Quite often I find myself explaining how to properly shampoo hair. I had a client tell me "I feel like I've been washing my hair wrong my whole life!". She had been. That is when I knew this had to be my first blog post.

Before you get started: picking the proper shampoo

I'm not going to go into details like shampoo for fine hair vs course hair or colored vs natural. You should discuss those details when you are in the chair. There is a much more important determining factor in choosing shampoo. Sulfates! Sulfates are a multitude of chemicals that are cheap and create that rich luxurious lather that feels so yummy. More detailed information can be seen at sulfatefreeshampoo.org. In reality these harsh chemicals are stealing the natural oils from your hair and roughing up your cuticle layer, leaving your hair feeling dry and prone to split ends. Even worse (I know is there anything worse than split ends!) is when you have colored hair. Sulfates open up the cuticle layer causing color you've spent so much time and money on to leak out of your hair shaft. Yikes! Choosing a high quality SULFATE FREE shampoo is so important. I use Kevin Murphy at home and on all my clients. KM is sulfate free, parabin free and cruelty free. Go to kevinmurphy.com.au or ask me :) for more details.

Step 1: thoroughly wet your hair. Especially if you have chosen a high quality sulfate free shampoo your product will be concentrated. If your hair is too dry you will over use product. A very expensive mistake.

Step 2: start with a nickel to quarter sized amount of shampoo. Rub your hands together to spread the shampoo between both palms, then tap the shampoo around the surface of your scalp. You want a little bit of product covering your entire scalp.

Step 3: massage the shampoo into the scalp. Just your scalp! Do not agitate the ends. Your ends will get clean with the shampoo that passes it while you rinse. This is when you notice the difference between sulfate and sulfate free shampoo. SFS will only lather when the hair is clean, telling you when and WHERE you need to repeat. If your hair didn't lather all over then rinse thoroughly and apply shampoo again using a smaller amount this time. If only one area doesn't lather then thoroughly rinse all over and repeat only in that area. If you lathered all over the first time there is no need to repeat.

Step 4: condition. This is a must for EVERYONE. Where your shampoo cleanses, your conditioner nourishes. Think of conditioner as your hairs vitamins. There are plenty of amazing options of conditioners for all hair types. Even fine oily hair needs it's vitamins. I like to put my conditioner on my ends first then work up. I never actually put conditioner directly on my scalp. This helps me avoid heavy feeling or oily looking hair. I finger comb the conditioner through my hair at first then finish combing with a Wet Brush or wide toothed comb to detangle. Be careful using a tool that isn't too harsh. Your hair is most fragile when it is wet. Rinse thoroughly and style as desired!

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